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Blue Loos Equipment Hire

We have a selection of equipment to compliment our services. These can be hired as a package with your loos or separately dependant on your requirements:

Marquee Heaters
We offer a range or marquee heaters, which stand outside of the marquee and generate warm air via discreet low level diffusers. The temperature of the heaters is controlled by a thermostat which is positioned inside the marquee.

Event Lighting
We supply professional, exclusive and affordable external lighting and special effects equipment for any occasion, whether the function is in your garden or marquee.

Lighting can add a magical atmosphere to any occasion, we have a huge selection of lighting solutions which can help bring your party to life and make it an event to remember.

“Silent” Generators
We have a full range of modern super silent generators, varying in size dependant on client requirements. Our generators can supply power for any event, large or small.

Our smaller portable generator sets are delivered on road tow trailers, which enables us to position them in awkward places and gives us total flexibility.

Portable Water Tanks
We are able to supply large capacity water tanks to provide drinking water where there is no mains water connection, or provide water equipment where there is very low water pressure.

Please call us for more information on our Equipment Hire.

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